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    Department Information

    Established in 1889, The Los Santos Police Department is the primary police force in the city of Los Santos, San Andreas. LSPD currently staffs approximately 16 officers specially trained to handle every manner of citizen contacts, ranging from minor disputes to violent crimes such as robbery and murder. On those rare occasions when outside help is necessary (such as Alien invasions or Bigfoot encounters), the LSPD will work in conjunction with the FIB or para-military organizations until the situation is rendered safe.

    LSPD Mission Statement

    It shall be the primary mission and goal of this department to provide equal and fair enforcement of the law, to reassure all citizens of Los Santos of their constitutional rights, and ensure equal protection of life, liberty, and property through the deployment of superior police service.

    Reporting A Crime

    The main headquarters of LSPD, located at the corner of Sinner St. and Vespucci Blvd. is currently the only staffed police station in the city of Los Santos. Crimes may be reported in person or through the 911 service on your cellular telephone. Calls to LSPD will automatically notify officers of your current GPS location to ensure the quickest response possible.

    Policies and Procedures

    Use of Force

    LSPD officers receive extensive and on-going training in the use of force. They are required to use the MINIMAL force necessary when performing an arrest but are trained to escalate if the situation demands it. Non-lethal devices such as Taser guns and Nightsticks are issued to all officers with the direction that they are to be used in all cases unless deadly force is necessary to prevent the loss of life. Unfortunately, firearms are a necessary tool for officers when patrolling the streets of Los Santos. As long as members of the public are victims of violent crime and officers in the performance of their duties are confronted with deadly force, it will remain necessary for LSPD officers to be properly armed for the protection of society and themselves.

    Firearms and Deadly Force

    Officers are equipped with firearms to protect themselves or others against the immediate threat of death or serious bodily injury, or to apprehend a fleeing felon who has committed a violent crime and whose escape present a substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury to others. Lethal force is not always necessary, but in the above cases, it is authorized.

    Regardless of the nature of the crime or the justification for firing at a suspect, officers must remember that their basic responsibility is to protect the public. Officers shall not fire under conditions that would subject bystanders or hostages to death or possible injury, except to preserve life or prevent serious bodily injury. Firing under such circumstances is not justified unless the failure to do so at the time would create a substantial threat of death or serious bodily injury.

    An officer is authorized to use deadly force when it is reasonably necessary:

    • To protect himself/herself or other from an immediate threat of death or serious bodily injury, or
    • To prevent a crime where the suspect’s actions place citizens in jeopardy of death or serious bodily injury, or
    • To apprehend a fleeing high-profile suspect for a crime involving serious bodily injury or the use of deadly force where there is a substantial risk that the person whose arrest is sought will cause death or serious bodily injury to other if apprehension is delayed.

    Body Cameras

    Many LSPD Officers utilize modern body cam technology to record their encounters with the public. Body cam videos are streamed directly to the cloud (Twitch) and are often used to identify and prosecute offenders after they have fled the scene or escaped from officers. Body cam footage is a public record and are available to all citizens of Los Santos. Just ask an officer for their stream name.

    Miranda Rights

    LSPD Officer are directed to advise arrestees of their Miranda Rights. However, the failure to read these rights to an offender is solely a department policy issue and has no effect upon the current arrest other than as follows: If an officer intends to question some regarding their knowledge of a crime while they are IN CUSTODY or not allowed to leave, they must advise the individual of their Miranda Rights. Failure to do so may result in any statements made AFTER being taken into custody inadmissible in court. Any statements or evidence gathered BEFORE the individual was taken into custody may still be used in court. Here is an example of a typical Miranda advisement:

    “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney and have him or her present before any questioning if you wish. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to represent you. Do you understand these rights I have just read to you?”

    Your Miranda rights do not pertain to questions related to the typical booking process such as Name, address, date of birth, etc. You are still required by law to provide this information if arrested.

    Filing a Complaint

    If you feel an officer has acted inappropriately, used excessive force or violated your rights, you may report the incident to the highest ranking officer currently on duty. Complaints against our officers are taken very seriously and are investigated by command staff to ensure our officers act with the utmost professionalism. Please be aware however, that Los Santos at times is a crazy, hectic environment. Both officers and citizens may sometimes be caught up in the heat of the moment and take inappropriate actions for the situation at hand. Additionally, one or both parties may not have all the facts of the situation, or a clear understanding of the others perspective. This often leads to misunderstandings that progress to complaints. Typically, complaints can be handled through a quick private message between the parties. Officers should always try and adjust their tactics for the good of the community while balancing the need for their own personal safety or reasonable enforcement of crimes in the city. Serious or repeated code of conduct violations by officers shall be warrant punitive action, including the potential for termination or prosecution.

    Join the LSPD

    LSPD Hiring Process

    • Apply to work at the LSPD .
    • Fill out the application in Discord (in-character).
    • After reviewing your application, you will be notified by an officer if you have been accepted to a Police Recruit position.
    • Upon being accepted as a recruit, you will gain access to the Discord police channels and earn a salary of $250.
    • Use the Police Discord channel to contact an on-duty officer to begin your training.
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